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Safety Tech Ltd is a local company Providing Complete "Head to Toe" Protection. Our main branch is at Razaaq Building, 1stFloor along Der-Salaam road, Nairobi Industrial area. Our area of speciality includes but not limited;

1)      Manufucture of industrial and protective clothing, hi-vis, fire retardant clothing, waterproof clothing chemical proof, corporate, hospitality catering chef wear, high visibility overalls and safety clothing.

2)       Manufucture of  Quality hand leather gloves, leather aprons, Anklets and welding aprons

3)      Supply  of quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from renowned manufacturers of safety products such as 3M, JSP-U, North and Bata among others that meet customers’ expectation

4)      Our Workwear section offers  embroidery and printing with the client's logo or brand to suit any budget

5)  Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal services that’s fully licensed by NEMA.

     The company offers packaging, collection, transportation, destruction, and disposal services. It provides various packaging components, single use yellow plastic biohazard liners, disposable sharps containers, plastic containers.






Registration Details 


REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE NO:                     C149522

VAT:                                                                          O155949A

PIN:                                                                           PO51216153Z







Safety Tech Ltd

P.O Box 3322-00100



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Fax 020 551315

Tel: 0775157371, 0775157369, 020 2358324/5, 0733817801, 0721264002