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Safety Tech Ltd is a local company Providing Complete ’Head to Toe' Protection. Our main branch is at Razaaq Building, 1stFloor along Der-Salaam road, Nairobi Industrial area.

Head Protection
Eye Protection
Ear Protection
Head Protection
Eye Protection
Ear Protection

Caps| Helmets| Hair nets| Helmet accessories|

 Spectacles| Safety Goggles| Welding Goggles|

Ear Plugs| Ear Muffs| Ear foam|

Hands ProtectionReflectivesFeet Protection
Hands Protection
Body Protection
Feet Protection
|Rubber Gloves| PVC Gloves| Cotton Gloves| Leather Gloves| Cold Room Gloves| 
|Reflector Jackets| vests| Barrier Tapes| Safety Signs| Life Savers| Road Cons|
| Boots| Shoes| Shoe Covers|
Face ProtectionRespiratory ProtectionWelders Apparel
 Helmet Respiratory Protection Welders Protection

Spectacle| Goggles| UV resistant eyewear| Face shields|

Disposable| Re-usable dust masks| Disposable respirators| Single & twin half masks| full face masks| cartridges| canisters| pre-filter pads and holders| Air-supplied range| Self-contained breathing apparatus| Welding respirators.

 Leather aprons| sleeves| cap| jackets| leggings| curtains- Knee & elbow pads| Welders shield| goggles and glasses